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Is voice mail for you?

Like the copy machine and the personal computer, voice mail has become essential to any modern business. Indeed, a voice mail system that is high-quality, well-designed, friendly and easy to use helps you and your employees always stay in touch accurately and efficiently with not only your customers and prospects, but also with each other. And not just during business hours, either, but every hour of every day of the year. That unanswered ring after hours isn’t good enough any more — your customers and prospects expect to be able to communicate with you when it’s convenient for them.

Oh, and there’s one more reason: your competitors either already have it, or will soon.

Is VoiceWorks 16 for you?

Several years ago, ESI created the original VoiceWorks voice mail system. It was amazingly affordable, easy to use, capable and connectable. Today, thousands of businesses across America depend upon it.

Then, just when our competitors were catching their collective breath from trying to keep up, we decided it was time to move out in front again — and take VoiceWorks to the next generation. Still, rest assured that we designed and built VoiceWorks’ successor to be true to its heritage:

• It has the power of far more expensive systems.

• It’s very easy to install, maintain and use.

• It connects with almost any business phone system.

• It’s based on ESI’s proven voice mail technology, now entering its fourth generation. But we’ve also doubled this new product’s capacity for both handling and storing voice messages — and added a lot of really neat ideas while we were at it. VoiceWorks 16 is the result.

Powerful voice mail

From the basic to the awesome. VoiceWorks 16 comes in a compact case that easily interfaces with your phone system, yet holds tremendous voice mail power:

• Amazing ease of use. We designed VoiceWorks 16 to work sensibly and simply, and even gave it friendly, spoken prompts. After all, you and your people have better things to do — like running your business — than trying to figure out yet another technological “advance.”

• Highest voice quality. Some systems make scratchy recordings. But VoiceWorks 16 “samples” sound at an amazing 64 kilobits per second so you can clearly hear everything the phone line can carry.

• Up to 1,000 mailboxes, for any combination of . . .

— Individual user mailboxes.

— Guest mailboxes. They’re perfect for remote employees, such as traveling salespeople, without office extensions.

— Informational mailboxes. These can provide detailed product or service information and/or answers to often-asked questions freeing your staff for other work.

• Up to 10 cascade paging mailboxes. Leave a message in one, and it pages the first in a list of up to three people. If the first person doesn’t respond within a programmed time, VoiceWorks 16 pages the next person in the list. This helps to guarantee the caller will get action.

• Up to 10 question-and-answer mailboxes. Each asks a question and records the answer. These help you automate credit applications, questionnaires and other “phone forms.”


Sophisticated voice mail

• Advanced DSP technology

• Standard capacity is two ports; expands in two-port increments up to a maximum of 16 ports

• Up to 135+ hours of voice storage

• Highest-grade voice quality (64 kilobits per second)

• Off-premises message delivery

• Urgent messages

• Up to 1,000 mailboxes in any combination of:

– Individual user mailboxes

– Guest mailboxes

– Informational mailboxes

• 10 cascade paging mailboxes

• 10 question-and-answer mailboxes

• 16 group mailboxes

• Broadcast mailbox

• Message recycle bin remembers and can restore each mailbox’s 10 most recently deleted messages

• Multiple personal greetings

• Digital pager notification

• Multiple password levels

• Message waiting light notification (with systems having such lights) Reports

• Enhanced reports

• Remote reports during programming

Built-in, award-winning

automated attendant

• Six menu levels, 100 audio-text branches

• Customized answering of incoming lines

• Automatic fax detection: no need for dedicated fax line

• Directories: user can either hear individual names (alphanumerical access) or get an all-company listing

• Automatic night greeting

• Remote holiday greeting record and activation

• Uniform call distribution groups

• Automated attendant block Modular, standalone system

• Wall-mounted; compact case with small footprint

• Connects to 2500/single-line port(s)

• Two to 16 ports of call processing

• Accepts up to four four-port cards

– No need to remove cabinet from wall when installing cards

• Powered by one wall-mount transformer

• Message-on-hold source

• 14.4 Kbps maintenance modem

• Analog connectivity

• Comdial® DSU integration without the need for an ATI-D analog adapter

• Works with Lucent® Partner®, Merlin Legend® and hundreds of other systems

Programming that lets your reseller finish your job more quickly

• Voice-prompted, remote or local

• Optional Windows® 95/98-based installation programming

• Remote support

– Software uploads

– Configuration backup and restore

– Real-time programming

– Reports

• Department-level programming

• Installer/administrator/user programming levels

• Menu-driven installer and administrator programming

• Enhanced port disconnect recognition




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