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Visually integrated applications for your digital and IP business phone Brochure

All of ESI’s VIP PC applications work with the advanced capabilities of your ESI system to enhance your day-to-day communication — including the ability to control calls and organize voice mail and contacts.

VIP (Visually Integrated Phone) is available in an Outlook®-integrated edition and a standalone edition (SE), and comes in two “flavors”: the basic VIP and VIP Professional. Each configuration is licensed independently, with easy migration from VIP to VIP Professional. Each lets you intelligently do the following from your PC’s screen:

  • Manage your telephone calls
  • Manage your voice mail
  • Organize your contacts
  • Log all your inbound and outbound calls
  • Quickly program your ESI desktop phone

With VIP Professional, you also get:

  • Enhanced, more informative user interface
  • Secure text-messaging
  • Auto-recording capability
  • Compatibility with Outlook-integrated and standalone versions of VIP PC Attendant Console, VIP ACD, and VIP Softphone.

VIP PC Attendant Console Brochure

Handling an active office’s phone traffic is an incredibly demanding task, particularly for an attendant who has other duties as well. That’s why ESI created VIP PC Attendant Console. Built on the incredibly full-featured VIP Professional software platform, VIP PC Attendant Console is ready to give even the busiest attendant the tools to handle call traffic and help keep the office running smoothly.

VIP ACD Brochure

Most ESI phone systems include (or can be licensed to feature) built-in automatic call distribution (ACD). While that’s always been an easy-to-use boost to any office’s productivity, ESI has now made it easier still — with VIP ACD.

VIP Softphone Brochure

VIP Softphone provides the IP Server 900 or ESI Communications Server system user with VIP Professional features and the capabilities of an ESI desktop IP phone. It’s especially useful for those who travel frequently or have a small workspace.



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