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ESI Presence Management Brochure

ESI Presence Management is a hardware/software solution combining RF scanning technology and ESI’s communications systems. ESI Presence Management offers presence indication, optional live video monitoring, personal call routing, access control, and documented tracking of users’ work hours and attendance history. ESI Presence Management is offered as a simple doorphone solution for addressing basic entry and exit applications, and as an advanced supervisory solution utilizing RFID technology to provide access control and personnel location elements.

ESI Bluetooth Voice Integration Brochure

ESI has combined the mobility of Bluetooth® technology and the power of the IP Server 900 and ESI Communications Servers to simplify communications and improve productivity. ESI Bluetooth Voice Integration products are hardware products integrated with the IP Server 900 and ESI Communications Servers that link with Bluetooth devices, such as cell phones and headsets. Two ESI Bluetooth Voice Integration products are available, offering unique capabilities to make companies more efficient: ESI Cellular Management lets employees manage cell phone calls along with their normal business calls, all from a compatible ESI desktop phone (IP or digital); and the ESI Bluetooth Headset Interface links a compatible Bluetooth headset with a compatible ESI desktop phone (IP or digital) so the user can seamlessly answer, originate, and terminate calls directly from the headset.

ESI Media Management Brochure

ESI Media Management is a hardware/software combination which provides audio and video monitoring directly through an IP Server 900 or ESI Communications Server. These advanced capabilities help customers reduce many of the inherent risks in their organization. Additionally, ESI Media Management serves as an “all-in-one” solution by eliminating the need to install and manage multiple systems from various vendors. ESI Media Management collects and stores not only recordings of selected phone calls (call logging) but also video camera recordings, detailed call activity (SMDR), and building access events from across the customer’s facility. ESI Media Management gives customers the flexibility to decide who is authorized to access the stored information, so there’s no need to worry that information is getting into the wrong hands. Here are just a few of the benefits ESI Media Management provides:

• Recording of all calls to and from employees for improved customer service and quality control.

• Capture and review video from around customer facilities using standard video cameras.

• Use of live video to improve facility monitoring and enhance access control.

• Review of system-wide building access events and call detail records for employees.

• Quick location of a collection of related events using simple search criteria.

ESI Mobile Messaging Brochure

ESI Mobile Messaging combines the advanced capabilities of an ESI business communications system with the convenience of users’ existing e-mail accounts. When one receives a message (a voice mail or a recording) at an extension or guest mailbox, the person also receives an e-mailed notification to which a .WAV of the message is attached. The notifications header contains information about the message — the Caller ID name and number, as well as the call’s date, time, and duration. ESI Mobile Messaging also allows users to quickly do these (and more):

Listen to a message on one’s PC or “smart” cell phone — Play back a message on one’s PC or “smart” cell phone by simply double-clicking the attachment.

Share messages — Forward important messages to interested individuals, even if not on the user’s system.

Choose which messages to handle and how to manage them — A user with numerous messages can directly access any message right away.

Remotely manage messages — A user can manage messages using Web mail from: a home, PC or laptop; a personal (or alternate) e-mail account; or a “smart” cell phone.

Store important messages — Save a message attachment to a hard drive or USB Flash® drive.

Choose two e-mail accounts at which to receive e-mailed notifications of messages.



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